A common objective

Globalisation and technology's constant and unprecedented advances, the hyper power of the Financial industry, the Digital revolution (the most major and complex industrial revolution in History), the advances of technology as well as the advent of "Smart Power" and the urgent challenges of the Global Warming are intricate and growing challenges that the world needs to face. These factors, complementary, unwavering and exponential, transmute both the individual and collective behaviours at a local and at a worldwide scale and also impact the international relations between the States.
This is particularly preoccupying when these relationships are confronted with the progresses of sciences and technologies, communications, migrations, environmental changes, the development of the digital communication, in an unprecedented speed.
This global process, whose significance and consequences are not always grasped, is usually named or designated under the term of "Modernity".
We have to seize this Modernity, to understand and accompany it, to discern the interactions and consequences, to prevent its excesses by inviting Humans coming from different origins, horizons and Histories, men and women from different cultures, science and awareness to appropriate it, to build up the ways to master it and to serve the progress of Humanity.


The Global Future College has set ambitious goals to scan three essential themes of Modernity and to entrust the analysis to three working groups or "Colleges" gathering international experts coming from various horizons.
These three themes are:

• Ethics, Modernity and Plurality of Information facing the Digital Revolution
• Science and Technology facing the challenges of the Environment

• Islam and the challenges of Modernity


All the Members of the Colleges are appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer of The Global Future College, according to their profiles, their experiences, their research and their allegiance to open-mindedness, tolerance and spirit of cooperation which are the DNA of The Global Future College.
The members of the colleges will be divided into two groups:
The first group will be composed of modernity frontrunners. Selected for their expertise in a precise field, this group will be constituted of all kind of players involved in the Modernity process such as spiritual and cultural leaders, scientists, researchers, technocrats, decision makers, professionals, experts, specialists and personalities from all over the world.
The second group will gather representatives of the ones that have to adapt to modernity, who are members of the civil society from all sectors of activity and countries such as delegates of social think tanks, of citizens' associations, of community clusters, or for instance, representatives of disciplines dealing with Social Sciences, the History of Religions, Spirituality ...


The Global Future College has adopted an innovative methodology based on a Systemic Approach. Its "Bricks & Clicks" organisation mixes virtual to physical meetings as well as dematerialized work and thematic approach to systemic analyses.

The Global Future College promotes and organises regular meetings between the members of the Colleges in order to select the themes of the works, the groups of experts, and to determine the planning of action. The systemic analysis of a theme is set up at a year scale, and follows different steps of reflexion and discussion. The exploration and evaluation of a topic is conducted by the members of the College according to their expertise and knowledge of the aforesaid theme.

The Global Future College has created a collaborative Extranet, a secured digital platform and all tools helping to dialogue at an international scale. This platform also enables its users to set up working groups, on a collaborative but dematerialised way.

Works, analyses and suggestions will be discussed between the members thanks to the collaborative Extranet platform.


The methodology of the two groups consists, in a first step, to interpreter values and cultures facing the challenges of Modernity. Then, the two groups will try to formulate proposals relating to the themes.


The conclusions of the works highlighting the points of agreement and the points of disagreements are discussed in the framework of the Annual Conference, "The Global Future Meeting".

The Global Future College will propose annual conferences gathering leaders and experts of the civil society: "The Global Future Meetings". These meetings are organised by the Administrative Office in different places of the world.

Each workshop will present its conclusions, suggestions and proposals regarding the theme it has been in charge of. The purpose of the following discussions is to exchange views and to confront ideas with a larger audience and to highlight the points of agreement and those of disagreement.

After an indicative vote, The President of The Global Future College will conclude by the presentation of a general synthesis of the works of the different workshops and by proposing the new issues to be discussed in the upcoming year.